Lyrics translated: Zuukou Maizie 667 - Kevin Mitnick ft. Osirus Jack 667


Voice 1: Kevin Mitnick is a mad computer scientist.

Voice 2: I’m a genius !

Voice 1: Law enforcement are unable to stop him.

Voice 3: Kevin made the New-York Times headline.

Voice 1: A man to be shot down.

Voice 3: Cyberterrorists ?

Voice 2: Freedom of speech soldiers. Find Mitnick !

Verse 1 (Zuukou Maizie & Osirus Jack) :

20-21 scamming them, fuck Aleister’s triple 6, infiltrating your Mac easily

Double 6.7 fuck (?), we’re enquiring so shut the blinds

NRM like the 3Cs, we’re looking for them and the preys know

PDFs, Vlad’ Levin, Osi, Z, deep the rhymes, new rule black Lenin

Like Jonathan James, I enter the intranet, to extract the files I pay attention

(?) if everything’s clear, throwin’ , I want the dirty PDFs were they cut off heads

Careful, it leaks like WikiLeaks, I’m into weapons like my man Wick

Automatic weapons, Tik-Tok is satanic, living fast like my man Wick


Choose the blue pill and it all stops. Then you’ll be able to have nice dreams and think whatever you want. Choose the red pill and you’ll stay in wonderland, and we go down the abyss with the white rabbit.

Verse 2:

Osi, the Z movin’ like loophole seekers, too dark, basic hackers (shit)

OVG mad rhythmic, archives in the folder, secretly like Mitnick Kevin,

Or a group of smugglers’ boss (huh) fuck theses pedos

S/o Freeze crossing’ like CP3, I’m in Paris my IP’s in Detroit

We wipe them

News report, like Mac I want to gain access,

Brutus, brute strength, grimey are the ideas

Grandad gave me the recipe, I know where to aim, next step guided, guided missiles

From bureau 121, I kill bare you kill one

6.6.7 for the cash, only big loots, I fill up the bag like a big elf

Doing it clean like the G Lupin

Huh, huh, (Kevin), I want to chill like a sixty year old (chill)

Need big stacks, the arse of 4 Jenners, Kalashnikov, KGB, Neo-Tsar, OG I’m not crazy

More into ether than francs or shekels, PDF three times, I’m set up

Encrypted raps, the UK’s big freemason lodges I’m gonna burn, I’m determined to rip them this year

The Z virus like phishing, scam, hunting, burst mode, bolt, hunting, automatic crossbow, burst mode, need full Helsing, I’m talking about holes no piercings

Trinity, pirate, treasure system, looking for the treasure like Jim

PDFs I’ve read, Osirus got me, I reach Doctor Lulu’s enlightenment level (Doctor Lulu)


Doctor Lulu, burst

Huh, Doctor Lulu

Doctor Lulu

Burst like Doctor Lulu

Loaded PDFs, getting informed

Doctor Lulu, burst like Doctor Lulu

Too dark, leanin’ like a (?)


Voice 4: I won’t be Kevin Mitnick’s next target !

Voice 2: Right here, right now, I could log into my computer. I could steal money from any bank in the country ! And do I do it? No.

Voice 4: Kevin, why?

Voice 2: The question is how, it’s always how…

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