Lyrics translated : La F - Appel Masqué 9 (No Caller ID 9)



Hey, Hey

6.9.1 fam


Verse 1

Get out of the whip, come out and fight, go and win your plaques

This is for the streets, those who chat too much, we’re on our way to become the bosses

Life’s not funny so I don’t smile too much bro (not too much, not too much)

Leaving problems behind, I’m gonna make racks, I’m gonna tell them adios adios

Spending my life on the corner but fam don’t be thinking that i support the walls

Spending my days looking for the way out but as time passes by it gets even harder

I just want to see my life get more comfortable, to make it out we fuck up the streets

And all of those who open their mouths are the same who can’t stand in my shoes

By dwelling on the past, I ended up breaking my future

The time I take to repair broken pots is time I could’ve used to pull through

Still active in the streets bro, and can’t lie-lie

Even after ten years away from my heart you’ll still be a part of my life


Dan****’s got to die Dan****’s got to die

Every day doing up smoke, bro only the racks are feeding me


There’s death lurking down my road, it’s getting more fucked up every day


So stressed by life, seeds are growing hermaphroditic

Verse 2

Third division like Leicester, in two seasons won the Premier League

I’m not part of those who act like rats in videos and who hide in real life

When gunshots blast, them bitches know who I am

Rightly or wrongly, Villeurbanne is the Champions League

Big Fendi on my head, no snapback, put a good yute in the goal

Place the most savage in offense and bawbawbaw its bomboclaat

Come over to 6-9-1 it’s mad, it’s facts when I say that it’s Bagdad

21 for me I’ve got the Black Jack


Bullet bullet, the rocket the rocket (hey, hey), the smoke the smoke

Hey, hey, the strike the strike the strike

Bullet Bullet

Bullet Bullet

Bullet bullet

Eh eh, bullet

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