Lyrics translated: Kaki Santana 667- Beretta



OBS shit, gang, bare OBS, brrr

And bitch, (merciless in this fucking game), OBS



I’m a soldier I swear it on my racks and I enjoy putting holes in you,

You don’t have the strap bro, your ends is like twelve pieces of hash you only dig holes

I don’t have a father in this game, I don’t suck anyone’s dick, wah gwan, all we do is make racks

You don’t know what I’m going through so shut the fuck up you fool I’m gonna break necks

I come from Africa you can feel it when I rap

If you pull out the shank I’ll put one in your head

All year round the sun is burning me

Low key doing up a madness but it’s calm

Take me beretta from me if you’re a bigman

And I’ll fuck you up if you’re little

I swear it on my life, no messing around

Wallah ill turn you into an idiot

I couldn’t give a fuck about your life n****,

why do you want to worry about mine, look at what happens when the generals get in the way, n**** against you my Beretta leads

Beretta here, Beretta there

I say it too much because I like it too much,

I draw it and shoot n**** and your mandem dash

Your strap is an extension of yourself,

There’s no one in the rear view mirror

Burberry n****, s/o Freezer

And we smoke them like zoots,

tell them we don’t play around

Do the business in the calm, don’t piss me off too much

And my mandem are all not fake, I come from the bush, bare beasts

You already know I’m ready for war and battle

Your rotten teeth were wasted by shit weed

I pulled up plugs like a biceps, they were acting like gangsters

Too many copies n**** it’s getting annoying

Fuck all of these [?], round here we’re kemites

Lean and weed aren’t my crutches,

When I rap it’s terrifying, in my life I was more hurt than scared,

Fuck 12 we’re gonna fuck them over, may god bless us

To get it don’t wait for my product to go bad,

S/o Black i wear the bandana, S/o Osirus they’re anal plugs,

I’m strong like a male kangaroo but I’m peace like a ganjaman

And I only pull up sons of bitches, n**** OBS aiming for the vial

Collecting my racks from [?] and I sing like Edith Piaf

My little bro will fuck you up (My little bro will fuck you up)

Me, it’s oxygen that erases my fear, my pirates are stuntmen


Eyy, OBS, I pull up merciless in this fucking game

667, suck my dick you son of a bitch, you get me, we don't such anyone's dick

OBS, can't you hear me you dirty bitch?

Do you think I didn't saw you? Come, come, come

Waw, hey, gang

Are you panicking or something?

You get me?

Making money here, making money there, gang shit

My Beretta is tucked away where you know son of a...

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